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Maintain safety with discretion

Mobile sports betting in Pakistan is now easier that ever.  With your smartphone or other mobile device, you will be able to wager anywhere you have access to a data network. Although current laws don’t refer specifically to the use of these betting methods, it is best that you do not openly display this activity to strangers in public.

Although betting on sports is widespread, for your own safety, it is best not to advertise the fact that you are using your phone to place wagers.  There is always the chance that you could be in the company of people that do not agree with betting of any kind.  Despite the antiquated laws, the sentiment found in Islamic law is against it and devout followers will no doubt have issues with any wagering.  If you choose to bet on sports with your mobile, it is best to simply enjoy your bets discretely without testing the sensibilities of the people around you.   

To deposit and withdraw funds to your betting account discretely, it is likely best to use an e-wallet like Skrill.  Skrill acts as an intermediate layer.  If your funding source is based in Pakistan, Skrill adds a layer of anonymity to your transactions because they are based off shore and provide transactions to more than just gambling sites.  When you use Skrill, neither your bank nor your card company will know that you are sending money to, or withdrawing money from a sports betting account.

Legal Pakistan Sports Betting Sites

Pakistani Sports Betting Laws

Sports betting and gambling of all types has been illegal in Pakistan since the country was partitioned in 1947. Despite this, sports betting remains widespread due to a lack of policing and in many cases, police corruption that protects the illegal sportsbook rings.  The light punishments also do little to dissuade bettors.  The penalties for gambling are fines as high as 1,000 Pakistani rupees and/or a prison term of up to a year in prison - though enforcement is minimal.  When the laws are enforced, officials are generally concerned with prosecution of the illegal bookmakers, rather than the bettors.  Though when a police raid happens, it is best not to be found in these locations as it will be assumed at the very least you are there to gamble if not part of the operation.  To avoid such raids, bookies have resorted to temporarily setting up in hotel rooms to receive bets over the phone, which minimizes the chances of their location being spread by customers.  News network Al-Jazeera posted a video report on this practise regarding cricket betting in Karachi during one of the more recent Pakistan matches.

In addition to the lax enforcement and corruption that allows sports betting to persist, the the 1977 Gambling Prevention Act was written before the Internet and only refers to the gambling activities occurring in public locations.  No laws currently address the ability of millions of Pakistanis to access sports betting sites through their computer, tablet or mobile phone.  Thus, if you are going to bet on cricket, it is better and safer for you to do so with online sportsbooks that operate outside of Pakistan as they are not subject to any Pakistani legislation.  

All of the betting services listed on this site accept bettor registration from people living in Pakistan even though gambling as a general activity is seen as illegal, even though current laws do not specifically refer to online betting.  You could interpret this by thinking that sportsbook companies accept bettors from all around the globe, however, you’d be incorrect.  All of the sportsbooks below refuse to register bettors from the USA and France.  Until recently, the US government explicitly banned online gambling for its citizens.  France has limited sports betting to a select few service providers that remit taxes and pay license fees to the French government.  If the sportsbooks listed below were worried about the legality of sports betting in Pakistan, they would not accept your registration.  They are not worried about Pakistani gambling laws, thus they accept your registrations

If and when the Pakistani government updates their gambling laws to reflect the usage of online betting, things might change.  Until then, offshore online sportsbooks will continue to accept Pakistani bettor registrations and online betting will be the method that provides Pakistani bettors with more safety, reliability, wagering choices and speed compared to traditional bookies.  

Legal online sports betting sites that accept bettors from Pakistan


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